World Salt Symposium 2018

Following Beijing (2009), the Salt Institute in cooperation with international salt associations organized the 10th World Salt Symposium in Park City, Utah, USA, in June 2018.

The World Symposia on Salt specialize in reporting and discussing progress of the latest development and views of the world’s salt industry. They use to cover the whole spectrum of subjects dealing with the science, engineering, technology, economics and history of all type of salts.

Researchers and saltworks managers from thirty-eight (38) countries presented ninety-three (93) papers, during the works of the 10th International Symposium on Salt. Podium presentations grouped into three parallel sessions on the following topics:

A. Health (24%)
    • Salt and health
    • Salt and Iodine
    • Salt intake issues
    • The science of salt, the media and the public
B. Environment (33%)
    • Winter maintenance
    • Circular economy
    • Safety  issues
    • Salt and water conditioning
    • The story of salt
C. Production (43%)
    • Salt extraction
    • Salt mining
    • Mining geology
    • Solar salt
    • Salt production and purification issues

The participants of the Symposium had also the opportunity to attend more than twenty, very interesting poster presentations at the conference Poster Session.

Worth mentioning is Mr. Morton Satin's key contribution to 'Salt and Health' issues. The Salt Guru! A lifetime dedicated to science and applied nutrition!

Three panel discussions with experts were held on the following topics:
  • Moving forward with salt and health
  • Changing the conversation about salt and health
  • Leading safety from the corner office

Three (3) podium presentations and one (1) poster presentation related to the ecological importance of solar saltworks, among fourteen (14) presentations with topics on solar saltworks:

  • Liying Sui described the current situation of Artemia resources in Bohai Bay solar saltworks, China.
  • Nikolaos Korovessis reported on the role of the ciliate protozoan Fabrea Salina in solar salt production.
  • George Hotos presented a survey of the impressive assemblage of organisms exist in Messologhi saltworks, Greece. Protists, cyanobacteria, rotifers and crustacea.
  • Xin Naihong reported on the increase of saltworks output through algae Dunaliella Salina culture (Poster presentation).
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