Wetland Function

The ecological importance of Solar Saltworks is mainly related to their ornithological interest as avifauna shelters.

Basic microorganisms of the microbial community that grow in the lakes of Solar Saltworks constitute excellent food for a big variety of birds that live and breed in Saltworks for this reason. Certain species of birds, such as the Avocet, the Black-necked Grebe, the Kentish Plover etc., depend directly on the productivity of the Saltworks, since their diet is exclusively based on Artemia salina. Artemia is also part of the diet of the beautiful flamingos contributing to the orange coloration of their feathers. The flamingos are residents in all Solar Saltworks worldwide, where in many cases they also nest and breed.

More than 100 species of birds (average) have been observed in every Solar Saltworks around Mediterranean Sea. Many of them have been identified as endangered species, protected by European or International conventions.

It is noteworthy that the optimization of the Solar Saltworks production process, results in a noticeable increase in bird species and populations. This attracts many birdwatchers to visit Solar Saltworks and therefore creates waves of ecotourism in their region, especially during the months of March, April and May every year.

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