Seville 2012, Spain

Following the positive response of Eusalt's CEO, Mr. Wouter Lox, we organized (under the authority of EuSalt) the next international conference on "Biodiversity, Sustainability and Solar Salt", in Seville, Spain on May 22-23, 2012.

The Seville conference dedicated to Carol Litchfield who suddenly, passed away a few months before the event.

The conference organized with invited speakers with main purpose to find a mutual and coherent platform between the scientific world and the European decision makers and stakeholders. Therefore we invited scientists and European - National Institutions and agencies to present papers that would contribute to the discussion on the future developments and possibilities regarding the salt works and their environmental added value.

The European Biodiversity strategy to 2020 aims at reversing biodiversity loss and speeding up the EU's transition towards a resource efficient and green economy. In the light of this European 2020 biodiversity strategy, the conference targets stakeholders, institutes, European and national policymakers, active in setting future environmental policies addressing the role of  solar salt works  as:

  ♦ An active contributor to reverse biodiversity loss.
  ♦ An important ecosystem contributing to the ecology and biodiversity of the region.
  ♦ Preserving the habitat of the marine and regional flora and fauna and so contributing to an overall strategy on ecosystems.
  ♦ A constructed ecosystem fitting equally as natural wetlands in the strategy to reverse biodiversity loss.

With your registration, you can download from members area, the presented papers and the Book of Proceedings of the conference.