Samos 1999, Greece

The Post Conference Symposium on “Saltworks: Preserving Saline Coastal Ecosystems” organized with invited speakers, on the Greek Island of Samos on September 1st 1999, with the purpose of:

Promoting and highlighting the ecological importance of current Solar Saltworks by measuring their contribution in safeguarding coastal wetlands.
Proving that the decision to suspend the construction of new Solar Saltworks facilities in Lemnos Island was unfair and unjustified.

The following scientists from Europe and United States of America invited to give lectures that covered different aspects of current Solar Saltworks:

  • Prof. J. S. Davis, University of Florida, USA
  • Prof. P. Sorgeloos, University of Ghent, Belgium
  • Mr. B. Moinier, General Secretary of ESPA, France
  • Prof. T. L. Crisman, Director of Center for Wetlands, USA
  • Dr. J. G. Walmsley, Consultant for Med. Salinas & Seabird Specialist, France

The symposium became the attraction of the 6th CEST, as the participants of the big conference realized that in the case of Solar Saltworks we actually have the successful marriage of an industrial process with the environment!

The symposium concluded that new investments in Solar Saltworks secures the existence of valuable saline coastal ecosystems globally.

With your registration, you can download from members area, the presented papers and the Book of Proceedings of the symposium.

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