Editor's Message

Our movement was born and grew out through a series of international conferences organized by a group of researchers, from a variety of disciplines. The Samos Symposium (1999) was followed by the Conferences of Santorini (2006)Merida (2009) and Seville (2012).

We are mainly engineers, biologists and ecologists who strongly believe that current Solar Saltworks are valuable, constructed wetlands, increasingly important for microbial biodiversity and wild avifauna on the planet. Their unique production process consists of two interacting processes; the physical and the biological which offer considerable scientific research opportunities.

Solar Saltworks are sustainable biological systems where more scientific work is required in order to optimize their function as wetlands and improve their product quality. Furthermore, their production process characteristics, combined with the historical and cultural value of salt, offer remarkable, additional ways of exploitation. Indicatevely:

  • Ecotourism development.
  • Use of brines and mad deposits for therapeutic baths.
  • The production of high commercial value by-products.

Current Solar Saltworks are ideal to serve as environmental education sites, for the younger generations.

The establishment of liaisons between all the people who share our views on Solar Saltworks is the key tool to meet our objectives more effectively.


Λίστα συνημμένων